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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Online Survey Money

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Thanks and have a great day

Centercode Dell Beta Test

I thought one of you out there would find this a very great opportunity.

So have fun a good luck.

We are now starting the recruitment for 3 additional beta tests. To increase your chances of getting selected, we recommend to apply to all 3 opportunities.
We will also post the recruitment links in our Dell Beta Tester community - if you want to access them later.
Here are the recruitment links for your reference:Thin and light notebook 1 beta test:https://www.dellbetatest.com/callout/default.html?callid={40668E7C-4178-4152-9DEF-CB74D8196A71}
Thin and light notebook 2 beta test:https://www.dellbetatest.com/callout/default.html?callid={4D86B494-3CAD-43A6-B07D-E3878D23D50B}
Netbook UMPC 1 beta test:https://www.dellbetatest.com/callout/default.html?callid={023353EE-1923-4B8A-AA67-33EE62CC3220}
For your convenience, here are the access details to the beta tester community: URL: https://www.dellbetatest.com

Thanks, Jochen
Jochen Hoheisel Beta Tester Community Manager Dell Beta Test Team dellbetatest@dell.com

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Monday, July 6, 2009

HCD MediaCurves

Here is HCD Research great compnay and quick payments give them a try.

The HCD MediaCurves™ Panel is looking to expand our panel and we need your help. So we decided to offer a little Facebook-launching present for helping our panel grow. Here is the special promotion running this week: If you get your friends to join our panel and complete their profile, they will get 100 points ($1) and you will get 75 points.
Forward this message to your friends on Facebook (or any other friends!) and just have them go to the following link to register and learn more about the panel. Your personal referral link: http://www.hcdsurveys.com/panel/join.cfm?refer=213482&source=Facebook
You can also post a message on your Facebook page – just remember to use the special link so you both get credit!
Remember to tell them how important our surveys are. Some are for clients such as Pfizer and GE – and a lot of them are fun studies about entertainment, politics, sports, and national events. They are reported on www.mediacurves.com but also get reported in the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Fox News, etc. It is fun participating, and you earn cash for each survey too!
Thanks for your help!
Barbara Taylor HCD Research Director, MediaCurves™ barbara.taylor@hcdi.net http://www.mediacurves.com “Public Perception, Pure and Simple”

Friday, July 3, 2009

Centercode Beta Test

Hey folks here is another offer from Centercode I hope someone gets in.

Please leave a comment and let me know.

Centercode is pleased to announce that we are conducting an exciting test for our users in the San Francisco Bay area. Those who are selected for this test will able to compare and contrast two different mice, and will have the opportunity to be interviewed by the company about their experience during the test. Those who are interested in this test must live in the San Francisco Bay area, be willing to be interviewed in their homes after the test has concluded, and should be willing to post pictures of themselves using the product around their home. Please note that this test will be beginning very soon. If you want to apply for this test you need to apply quickly and be able to be reached by us via phone and email. Please click the link below to learn more about this project and to apply.
The Centercode Team--
Please click the following link to apply for this test: https://www.onlinebeta.com/r/?2F5D306A782344E09CC0757D34E9A0C3

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