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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Portable Broadband Modem Test Opportunit​y - Centercode

A great oppertunity for someone who wants to become a beta tester. Brought to you by Legitimate Free Paid Surveys.

Does the Internet run through your veins? Do you need constant connectivity or you become ill and confused? We are about to begin a beta test for those of you who need your Internet fast, wherever you’re at.

Our client has devised a product for your laptop that gives you the same high speeds you get at home but in a convenient USB package. If you are interested in beta testing this product, you must live in the following areas and demand a fast connection:

  • Chicago, IL area
  • Metropolitan Philadelphia area, including South Jersey or Delaware
  • Metropolitan San Francisco, CA area (Bay Area) or Northern California
  • New York City area or Northern New Jersey
  • Portland, OR and Seattle, WA area

    We need Internet hungry people who are communicative and willing to share feedback on a daily basis over the next few weeks. If you want broadband speeds everywhere, click below to learn more about this test.

    Please click the following link to apply for this test: https://www.onlinebeta.com/r/?00E1AD4BB87440C1AEED63C5D071ED23