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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Centercode Testing Opportunity

Switching from a wired keyboard and mouse to wireless one can be a bit scary and confusing for some people. Do I need to worry about interference from other electronics? Will it work with my computer? Will it be easy to set up? These and other questions may prevent you from making this switch. Centercode's client is testing a product that will help you make the decision to go wireless.

This product is ideal for people who have used basic wired keyboard and mouse so far, and who are looking for a possible upgrade to a cordless solution.Remember, being a beta test volunteer means spending time daily engaged in testing and providing feedback in the Centercode system. If you are unwilling to commit to participate in the beta test, do not apply for this opportunity.

We invite anyone with a computer at home to apply for this test!--
Please click the following link to apply for this test: https://www.onlinebeta.com/r/?0F723B4BFD18478BBDEB4D94CEF319EE

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