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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Paid Online Surveys: Separating The Genuine And The Fake

Paid online surveys have been lingering in the web for a while now, and numerous individuals have been participating in it hoping to get extra money to pay for house bills, everyday necessities or purchase some wants. Companies conduct some comprehensive market research on their goods and service and are capable of paying consumers who join their surveys and focus groups. The internet contains a lot of these paid for surveys and it is important that we discover the real survey sites from the bogus ones. Actually there is some truth behind all these paid online surveys; they need your opinion and you get paid for giving it. Companies of all shapes and sizes know just how important people’s opinion is regarding their products and services so that they could continue to make improvements and changes that will ultimately give them better returns. These companies pay literally thousands of dollars for their marketing and advertising campaigns, and these surveys are part of it. These paid for surveys are about almost anything under the sun. From luxurious restaurants you love to eat at, upcoming movies and music events, the products you buy at your favorite grocery store, and even the latest gaming consoles, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Surveys may target specific age groups, hobbies and areas of interests; all of which are aimed at improving the quality of the products and services that these companies are offering. The moment you register in genuine paid online surveys, you will be required to relay some important data that will basically include your age, gender, profession and income or salary range. Once the survey site has gathered all the necessary information, you will then be waiting for their email whenever there is a survey that you qualify for based on the data you have given. An invitation will be sent to you containing the direct link to the survey form itself. The incentives coming from paid online surveys can come in a wide variety of forms like cash, gift certificates or reward points that are redeemable to cash. Different survey sites will have different methods of rewarding consumers that participate in their surveys; it can be a direct payment of a small sum of money, or a point system which will need you to acquire a certain number of points in order to get cash or freebies. While the number of paid online surveys increases in the web, so do the number of fake websites wanting to take advantage of people looking for extra source of income. These websites are endorsing themselves as one that is capable of providing a huge list of paid for surveys in exchange for a membership fee.

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