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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Focus Group Study

Here is a telephone focus group for yall, this one just in and its only 29 questions long very quick and easy. Let me know if you get in it’s for $125 for an hour and half (1.5) phone study. This telephone focus group is regarding computer security software. They are a very good focus group company I hope one of us gets in good luck to all of you. The interview will be the first week of March 2009.

Just like any focus group they are looking for specific people to do this study so if you do not get into this study keep you head up and try again. I have applied for a lot of them in the past but only have received entry into two so far. However when you do get in you are getting good compensation for your time.

I have received a Brand New Motorola Q9M cell phone and on another have been paid $200 for one of the studies.

Good Luck again and have a great wonderful and fantastic day.

Army Strong!

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