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Friday, February 27, 2009

One Question Survey-March 1 Deadline

People it’s that time again here is another really easy quick survey from International Advisory Panel. It was only 1 question then your general information. They are a very legitimate company and never spam you or send any unwanted email.

If you like receiving this time of information please leave me a comment so I can continue providing support to the rest of the cyber world.

Here is the email I received and you can also take advantage of this offer.

Hello John:

As a member of the International Advisory Panel, please take this ONE QUESTION survey about the sun.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in taking this survey (and a chance at a prize), PLEASE forward this email to them.

There will be 10 $25 prizes randomly chosen among those who participate in this survey.

The deadline for response is Sunday, March 1st.
Here is a link to the survey:

We do not send unsolicited survey invitations.

You received this invitation because you are registered
at www.advisorypanel.com. or this invitation was forwarded to you.

Thank you for participating in this Advisory Panel survey.
If you have any questions, email us.
Winners will be notified by email.
Tell a friend or family member about us!
Send them to the http://www.advisorypanel.com/ website to join now!

If you liked this survey feel free to check out the official survey-101 site where I list reviews of the top paid internet survey sites on the web.

Let me know if there is anything I could do to make this experience or any other experience better for you or anyone else. I am still new to this blog thing however I started this site to provide links to my friends and family then thought the rest of you would be interested in doing the same thing.

Have a great wonderful and Fantastic day.

Army Strong!


  1. Nice for sharing knowledge. Interesting, great article. Wish I knew it before..:)


  2. Np please check back often I post them type of surveys as soon as I recieve them. Btw how did you stumble across my blog? Thanks for the input.