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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

$100 Drivers study

Attention: Men/Women 18-54yrs who Drive vehicles needed for Focus Study!

The Gilmore Research Group, a highly accredited marketing research company, is currently undertaking an especially interesting project we hope you find fun and exciting! We are looking for people to participate in a focus project about an interesting drivers study!

Gilmore Research Group is seeking qualified men and women to participate in a 2 hour focus group and earn up to $100!

All information is kept strictly confidential and we are in no way selling anything.
Data collected is for research purposes only.

In order to qualify, Please email the following answers. Based on your answers we will then give you a call.

It is held the week of March 23rd in the evening.

Please answer the following information:

1A: Please Fill in the following Information:
Phone Number:
Best Time to Call:

1) Do you currently own a vehicle?

(Record Yes or No):

2) Are you the person responsible for filling the gas tank for your vehicle?

(Record Yes or No):

3) Please mark X next the name(s) of Gas Stations you have visited in the last 10 visits to the Gas Station:

Other: Specify:_____________________________

4) Which brand name Gas station do you visit the most?

Record Name (Example: Chevron):

5) How often do you make merchandise purchases---other than gas---at gas station convenience stores that sell a variety of food and merchandise?
(Mark X next to your answer)

5-6 times/week
3-4 times/week
1-2 times/week
Once every 2 weeks
Once a month
Don't know

Please email us letting us know which study you are interested in,
send your answers, name, phone number and best time to reach you.

Based on your answers we will call you or your referrals for the study you may qualify for.

Please feel free to forward this email to as many people as you like. We are always looking for new people to participate in our studies.

Please call so that we may ask additional questions to determine
if you qualify: 206-219-1942. Just ask for the “ Drivers” Study or feel free to reply to this email or recruiter@focus-groups-at-gilmore.com

Thank You!

For more Information or to join our database, go to www.gilmore-research.com

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