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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

$200 study for mental health professionals

This is time sensitive so check it out while it is still open.

What is this study about?

With funding from the National Institute of Mental Health, Sociometrics Corporation of Los Altos, CA (www.socio.com) is developing and field testing a new resource for mental health professionals working with children and adolescents. The Children’s Emotional Disorder Effective Treatment Archive (CEDETA) is a collection of effective psychosocial mental health treatment programs for children’s emotional disorders. Each program box offers health professionals all of the materials needed to implement that treatment program in their setting. All CEDETA programs include access to two home study Continuing Education courses. At this time, we are recruiting mental health practitioners for a paid research study to examine how access to CEDETA impacts professionals’ knowledge and use of science-based treatments.

Who should participate?

We are looking for mental health practitioners meeting all three of the following criteria:
1) 5 or more years experience with children and/or adolescents with internalizing disorders (such as depression, anxiety, and phobias)
2) a Master’s degree or higher
3) licensure to practice therapy within your jurisdiction

What would participation involve?

Participation in the CEDETA study includes the following steps:
· Filling out an online Pre-Survey and Post-Survey at the beginning and end of the study period
· Exploring the searchable online CEDETA resource using your three months of free access (you decide when, where and how often)
· Having the option to order one free CEDETA treatment program box of your choice
· Having the option to complete one or both Continuing Education courses included in each CEDETA program box (home study courses with online testing options offered; up to 20 CE credits available at no charge to you). Sociometrics is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Sociometrics maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

What would I get paid, and when?

Study participants receive a $200 check at the end of their three-month CEDETA preview period, shortly after submitting their final post-survey online.

I’m interested – how do I sign up or learn more?

To see if you qualify for participation, please complete the online pre-screening survey at the following link: (Click Here)
Note: Due to the anticipated volume of replies, we are not taking direct phone calls or emails about this study. Interested parties should complete the online pre-screening survey for more information. Thank you for your interest.

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