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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Online Survey for Clairol Houseparty

Well this should help some of my lady cyber friends it looks like you will get a lot of free samples this way. Enough samples to throw a party and get some very nice coupons while you’re at it. I got my wife to give it a try and figured it would be worth wild to let the rest of you know about it.
Welcome the beautiful colors of spring by exploring the living colors of Clairol.
Host a Clairol COLOR CONNECTION House Party on May 2nd, and experience the transformation of Color! You'll get a fabulous party package featuring free samples and vouchers from your favorite Clairol products: Nice n' Easy, Natural Instincts, and Perfect 10.In addition to free Clairol products, you'll get personalized information on choosing the perfect hair color for you and your guests. Not to mention tips from expert celebrity Colorist, Jason Backe, who will take you on an exciting journey through the beautiful world of hair color! You can sign up for this now just (click here)

And to make this a fun beauty experience, you'll get tips and resources to make your Clairol House Party the event of the season!

On the sign up page it does show if chosen but I think these odds are better than playing the lottery.

Here is what it says after the initial general information tab.

Protect Your Party Privileges
We at House Party, Inc., and our many wonderful partners, are delighted that so many thousands of people are submitting applications. Hosting a House Party is a special opportunity, and with that opportunity come certain commitments. Before you apply, please review this Party Pact and confirm that you will…
1. Submit only one application per household (per party)
2. Answer all questions accurately
3. Plan and host the best party you can
4. Share your party package with your guests, as intended
5. Not attempt to obtain extra party packages
By applying for a host spot, you are agreeing to conduct yourself in the spirit of House Party – sharing a product you love with the people you love, through an experience that is fun, free and exclusive. Hosts who break this Party Pact and abuse this trust will lose their House Party privileges. Please note that House Party has greatly increased its monitoring activities, and routinely excludes applicants who fail to honor their commitment and/or violate our Terms of Service. Protect your party privileges -- honor your Party Pact! Good luck and happy hosting.

It is 33 questions in length at after it’s all done they will send you an email confirmation.

Thanks for applying to host the Clairol Color Connection House Party! Your application has been received and will be processed. We will notify you on or about April 1, 2009 to let you know if you've been selected to host the Clairol Color Connection House Party.

What is houseparty.com?
Houseparty.com connects people through parties. Use the helpful tools to plan your party, create invites, join sponsored events, share pictures and video, and explore thousands of parties being held in homes around the country.

Free is a good thing especially the way this economy is taking a nose dive. My wife loves painting her hair anyway, my daughter is sure to love this as well.

Leave me a comment so I can continue to provide you with links like this and many others. The big difference between this blog and many others is its free and you don’t have to pay to get the links. So have fun and enjoy.

Have a great wonderful and fantastic day.

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