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Friday, January 30, 2009

Making Money Online doing Focus Groups with 20/20

Ok people this is 20/20 there a focus based group and the pay is pretty good also. They normally pay in the range of $50-$150 a session. Not a bad way to earn some extra money just for talking about a product you use or a topic you’re interested in! I have received payment from them on several occasions. So here is the low down on them and the site. You might not get a lot of opportunities with them but the ones you do get are well worth your time and effort. So add them to your arsenal.

20/20 Research, Inc.
2000 Glen Echo Rd
Nashville, TN 37215
Tel: 615-777-2020
Fax: 615-777-8706
Email: joinus@2020research.com

About our research 20/20 Research was founded in 1986 and today, is recognized as one of the leading firms in marketing research anywhere in the United States. With offices in Nashville (opened 1986), Charlotte (opened 1999), Miami (opened 2006) and Online (opened 2001), 20/20 Research now employs more than 70 of the best people in the industry. In 2006, for the 5th straight year, both the Nashville and Charlotte facilities earned the prestigious "Top Rated" ranking from Impulse Research, recognizing them as two of the best Focus Group facilities anywhere in the US. Not located near one of our facilities? That's OK - we still need you. Not only does our Online Division conduct studies all over the U.S., we also recruit for live Focus Group studies in cities all across the country.A Few Things to Note
We are a qualitative research company, which means we primarily conduct discussions or one-on-one interviews; we do not conduct large surveys.
As a member of our panel, you will be contacted when a study we are conducting matches your profile. When contacted for a study you will be asked to complete a short screening questionnaire (either on the telephone or online) to determine if you qualify for the project.
Important! Our panelists are allowed to participate in research discussions with 20/20 Research once or twice a year.
Because we understand your time is valuable to you, we usually offer an honorarium as a way of saying thank you for your participation in our research studies.
If you would like to know more about the research we conduct, please visit our FAQ page.

This is the conformation email you will receive after joining them.
Success! Your submission has been written to our files.
Thank you for taking the time to join our panels. You will receive a confirmation email from us shortly. If you ever want to change this information (i.e., your email address, phone number, address), come back to the Join Our Panel page and fill in the required information along with any new or changed information. Then resubmit the form. Your updated information will be updated in our files.
NOTE: Joining our panels does NOT provide you with a login to the discussion boards. IF/WHEN you are selected for a discussion and successfully screened, then you will be contacted either by email with login information for that particular discussion. Please do not call or write us about logging in until such a time that you have received login information. Thank you.

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