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Friday, January 16, 2009

Survey Spot Surveys (cash survey) review

Ok so for my first survey site for the world to see.

Get your survey here: Survey Spot

What is Survey Spot?Survey Spot works with marketing research companies all over the world, helping them find out what consumers think about products, ideas and issues of the day. Survey Spot uses respondents' personal information purely for research purposes. This is your opportunity to convey your views.

How much time will this take?The average survey will take 10 minutes or so to complete, and the questions are usually easy to answer.

Will I get paid for this?For every survey you take, you will receive one entry into Survey Spot’s quarterly cash sweepstakes, where one lucky panelist will win $25,000 in cash! Survey Spot panelists are also provided the opportunity to play the Instant Win game in order to obtain additional sweepstakes entries or other prizes at the end of every survey - regardless of whether you qualify to complete the entire study. To view rules for Instant Win game play, please click here. If you win a prize other than sweepstakes entries in the Instant Win game, you will be immediately directed to our reward partner's site for confirmation. Your name will also be posted on our winners list. The list of winners is updated approximately every two weeks. All Instant Win prizes are paid electronically either through a PayPal payment or an electronic Amazon gift card - your choice - and are delivered within 4-6 weeks from the time you won. Some surveys also include a monetary incentive for panelists who successfully qualify for and complete the entire study. Specific reward information will always be described in the survey invitation. If you do qualify and complete a survey with an associated monetary incentive, your reward will post to your Survey Spot members account within 4-6 weeks from the time you completed the survey. In order to access your Survey Spot member’s account, you will need to create a password and login to the member’s area on Survey Spot’s homepage.

Below before the review you will see actual profit, and that I did get paid and the amount. I cashed out on this one at $27.00 however the minimal cash out is only $5.00Payment details: Payment ID: 3575938Payment Type: CheckCheck Number: 91541Requested: 11/10/08Issued: 11/17/08Cleared: 11/26/08Amount: $27.00Status: Cashed Rewards Invitation Subject Survey IDDateReward TypeAmountEarn Fifteen Dollars for New Survey for the 14 - 17 Year Old in your Household
357070 10/6/08 Survey Reward $15.00
Earn Three Dollars 357232 10/10/08 Survey Reward $3.00
Share your opinion and Earn $2 - New Entertainment Survey HBO-Showtime!358582 10/10/08 Survey Reward $2.00
New Two Dollar Survey on Travel 357094 10/6/08 Survey Reward $2.00
Three Dollars for Your Opinion about Sports and Fitness 364455 10/28/08 Survey Reward $3.00
TWO Dollar New Food Survey 366439 10/30/08 Survey Reward $2.00

My Advice: It is a good idea to take the first couple of survey invitations to show your dedication to the panel. Survey Spot sends more survey invitations than most panels, so we only recommend that you take the cash incentive surveys that you feel are worth your time, and to take a few sweepstakes surveys a month that have topics that are interesting to you. Unless you simply have lots of time, I would not recommend taking all of the survey invitations they send out. It is too time consuming, and your time can better spent taking survey invitations from the other survey panels we recommend. The most important advice is to answer the surveys honestly, and to take time to answer them correctly. The better your responses, the more likely it is that you will qualify for your cash survey invitations, and be invited to take future paid surveys.

Well if you liked this review and start getting paid check back to this blog and I will update more sites for you.


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