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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Make your survey signups easy

OK before the big reviews and getting your hands dirty with all that cash from the surveys. I would recommend that you make it as easy as possible. So make your survey signups easy with this special tool. Roboform saves all your information on your computer, name, address, age, birthday, etc. You decide what you want it to save. Then when you go to sign up for a survey site or a freebie you just click once and everything is filled in for you. This is a great time saver and takes all the tediousness out of signing up

Ok don’t get scared of the form this is a very nice form to assist you in completing the survey's way faster than just typing in each line.

I use Google auto fill for things like name and address but I use roboform for everything else... it stores age, income, and all that other stuff.. Maybe Google will too? I just fill safer with roboform for the nitty gritty stuff. Not to mention the gazillion user names and passwords! LOL.. Google and yahoo don't keep all those in memory. Internet Explorer has auto fill options under Tools >> Internet Options >> Content >> Auto Complete - Just click the options you want.

Roboform is nice, but there is a fee to license your copy (after the free trial ends). If you rob a bank, you can also get a free trial. There are other form fillers out there - I haven't researched them in detail as the Internet Explorer and Google work fine for me. There are some sweepstakes sites that protect against automated entries, or state automated entries will be invalidated. I am not sure if that applies to Roboform or the sweepstakes companies that do mass entries for their members who pay. If I'm entering a sweepstakes for one of these, I just type my info in the Smith-Barney way.

Well as always if you know of something better why not share it with the community. This will help everyone out and you won’t feel that you’re better than anyone else. Let’s kick this thing off with a bang and make this the best place ever to find Money making surveys without costing us a penny. I am confident that with the help of each one of you we shall build this up for every mother or father (in my case), to generate them at least a little bit of money in these troubled times. They say this is the big depression well fight back and make yourself some quick and easy cash.
Just don’t go overboard and think you will make a million dollars overnight because sorry bro that will just not happen. Keep it steady and stay focused on doing each and every survey.

On one final key note or words of wisdom, make sure you do each one of the online surveys honestly. Some of the surveys will try to trick you up or at least catch you if you’re not reading. I have seen in the past were it is asking tons of questions and out of the blue the next questions states click block #4 for verification purpose. So don’t say I did not warn you. Good luck and god’s speed.

As always please comment and let me know how I could improve or what you would like to see in the next post.


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