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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paid Phone Interview $150

I had to give you guys this link also. These focus groups are a great way to get some quick extra cash. They're pretty simple, they tend to be a little hard to qualify for sometimes but if you get in it's a sure quick way to get an extra $150.

We are currently recruiting respondents to participate in a paid telephone interview to be scheduled at your convenience between Monday, February 2nd and Monday, February 9th. Compensation for the 50-minute phone interview is $150. Please click on the below link and answer a few screening questions to determine if you qualify for this study.


If you appear to qualify based on your answers, a Focus Forward representative will contact you with additional questions.

Thank you for your interest in Focus Forward.

Claudia Taylor


As always please leave some feedback to let me know how I am doing. I try my best to only give you qualified surveys that pay you real actual money. Good luck to all of you. Keep me posted.



  1. Thanks for the tip! I don't think that I qualified for this one, but at least I tried!

  2. Np anytime keep checking back I post them as soon as I can for everyone.