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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Making Money Online Doing Online Surveys with Lightspeed

Yes you can be Making Money Online Doing Online Surveys with Lightspeed. My intent is to show you actual proof of compensation, also to provide user feedback for others to see. Here is a reproduction of an actual email I received from them:
If you have a daughter ages 13 to 17, we would like to invite her to participate in a survey!
Name: Opinion Survey #22115
Time: 20 minutes
Lightspeed Points: 75
Just sign in to your Members Page and access the link to the survey. Read the first page of the survey and your child can begin. Please be assured that your child's answers are protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
The thing I like most about them is the amount of surveys they provide. I normaly get at least 2 -3 a day. The points add up real quick. Short surveys for points that rack up fast and then you cash out for paypal, merchandise, etc. They are one of my favorites for sure.

Here at Lightspeed Research - The Foresight Group, our global team of research professionals drive our commitment to deliver unsurpassed client service. Our staff includes more than 250 employees in the USA, Europe and APAC servicing clients on three continents. Our team includes:
· Survey specialists
· Project managers
· Statisticians/assessment analysts
· PhD level management & research consultants
· Webmasters
· Software programmers
· Design/proofing professionals
· Translators
· Data/computer scanning specialists
· Instructors
Our unique talents and specialized skills, combined with those of our parent company, WPP, make us a global leader in marketing communications with 107,000 employees worldwide in 2,000 offices. We work together to exceed your expectations on every level.
Questions? Call us today at +1.847.726.4040 - ext. 267.
limited to individuals 18 years of age or older
o a resident of the United States or Canada
o Spanish speaker’s click this lightspeed link
They use paypal to make the payments
They have gifts you can receive in leu of paypal shipping is prepaid.
Every survey that you take, your account will be entered into their sweepstakes
Timely Payment/Payment options:
Cash out Threshold: $5.00 = 575 points
Payments are processed within 5 – 7 days
Payment is in form of a gift or paypal.
Referral System:
Unfortunately, they no longer offer a referral program
On average I receive about 1 online survey per day.
They always have surveys that earn you points
The down side is you don’t always qualify for the surveys as you can see with my points.
Quality of online surveys:
Surveys are short and to the point.
Surveys are interesting and can be completed most of time in 15 minutes or less.
The longer online surveys pay more points.
Member area & Support:
Easy navigation with nice navigation tabs
A nice FAQ section were you can type what your looking for.
Profile Surveys (7 in all)
This match's you up with future surveys
Below you will see an actual cut from my page on some of the surveys that I have done. People this is your proof that this site really works.
Opinion Survey #22115
Opinion Survey #21648
Opinion Survey #17570
Opinion Survey #21875
Opinion Survey #21900
Opinion Survey #17577

My Advice: Lightspeed is a very good company that offers a nice range of gift/paypal surveys. Do all your profiles first. Be honest with the profiles because this leads to the surveys. If you’re not honest then you’re going to get crappy online surveys in your box. Check your email often. Surveys are very time crunched. Meaning when they send you the link they also send it to everyone else and may only need 100 responses. So do it quick to ensure you get the money!

PS. Post your comments or suggestions to help others with this thread.

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